Viscosity and Filtration Control Aid for Water Based Drilling Fluids

HV Carboxy methyl cellulose (CMC) is an effective additive for reducing the A.P.I. filtration rate in most water based drilling fluids. CMC-HV also increases mud viscosity and provides a cost effective means of improving water based drilling fluid performance.

 CMC-HV spec

Applicable Fluid Types:

CMC-HV is applicable in the following general types of fluid systems.

  • Freshwater Muds
  • Seawater Muds
  • Saltwater Muds (up to and including saturation)
  • KCL Muds
  • Solids Free Brine (NACL and KCL)
  • Native Muds


CMC-HV may be used efficiently in the indicated types of fluid to:

  • Reduce the filtration rate of the fluid
  • Increase and improve the fluid rheology (including suspension and hole cleaning)
  • Stabilize fluid rheology in the presence of contaminants
  • Coat and encapsulate cutting and solids in the drilling fluid, thereby inhibiting the swelling and disintegration of water sensitive solids.
  • Improve the character and consistency of wallcake, thereby reducing the potential for stuck pipe.

 Typical Product Application

The following information recommends typical treatment of CMC-HV in various types of fluid systems.

CMC HV treatment


Packaged in 25 kg multiwall paper sacks.

Legislation and Handling Recommendations:

No Restricted by any regulatory agency.  Refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for the product prior to use.