Standard Heavy Weight Drill Pipeheavy2

Our standard heavy weight drill pipe assembly is made up of pin and box tool joints and a heavy weight tube with center upset or wear pad.

This configuration helps to prevent stress concentration which could otherwise occur and allows directional drilling with controlled torque and reduce differential pressure sticking.

The service life of the HWDP is extended to maximize your investment by;

  • Providing extra-long tool joint that increases tong space which allows more connection recuts.
  • Reducing wear rate on tube OD through additional protection by the center upset or wear pad which keep the tube away from the hole.

Heavy Weight Spiral Drill Pipe

Our heavy weight spiral drill pipe handles maximum stresses induced at tough drilling environments in vertical and directional wells.

The heavy weight spiral drill pipe shares many of the same features from the standard heavy weight drill pipe except that the pipe body has an enlarged center section with three spiral grooves.

The spiral design adds following advantages;

  • Better reduction in differential sticking
  • Increased weight and stiffness
  • Minimizes wear
  • Improves cutting circulation for better hole cleaning