EBIC manufactures wide range and most efficient Down-the-Hole (DTH) hammers and bits for the mining blasting,water well especially deep well drilling,foundation construction etc.Our prodcuts trust by drilling contractor becasue of the advantages

Piston–Use the high nickel alloy steel,with advanced heat treatment process.Then strengthening processing on hammer surface for high wear-resistance to so that achieve long service life.

All of the EBIC DTH hammer are designed under real platform testing,then will know what’s the frequency and impact power the DTH hammer transfer to DTH bits,advanced CNC machine ensure DTH hammer every parts smooth srface,ewer parts and easier maintenance. So for greater productivity, extrax-short structure,that’s mean can  ensure DTH hammer increase efficiency, more power, and faster penetration.

Model Thread connection Quter dia.(mm) Rec.hole size(mm) Shank style Foot valve Length (mm) Weight (kg) Working pressure(bar)
ESK4H API 2 3/8″Reg Pin 99      105-140 DHD340 without     831 39 10.5-24
EBIC45 99 105-140 with 831 39 10.5-24
EBIC45X 99 105-140 QLX40 with 831 39 10.5-28
ESK4M 99 105-140 MISSION40 without 831 39 10.5-24