Please feel free to contact us for additional information on any of the products listed belowdrill2

Accumulator Closing Units

Accumulator Closing Units

Air Control Valves

Air Control Valvesdrill3

Blow Out Prevention Equipment ( BOP )

Annular BOP,  BOP Test Pump Assemblies,  Flanged Check Valves,  Flanged Check Valves,  Flanged HCR Valve

Ram Type BOP – Double Gate,  Ram Type BOP – Single Gate,  Rotating BOP

Brake Assemblies

Electric Brake Assembly,    Water Brake Assemblydrill4

Brine Filtration Systems

Brine Filtration Systems – Skid Mounted

Carrier & Truck Parts – Heavy Duty

5th Wheel Assemblies & Parts,   Axle Assemblies,  Drive Lines,  PTO,  Differentials, Transfer Cases, Truck Enginesdrill5

Truck Transmissions,   Truck Winches & Parts

Choke & Kill Hoses

Choke & Kill Hoses – Various Sizes & API Connections

Choke Manifolds

Choke Manifolds – Various Configurationsdrill6


Clutches – Various Styles & Types

Diesel Filtration Unit

Diesel Filtration Unit

Draworks Partsdrill7

Brake Blocks,  Brake Rims & Bands,  Cathead Parts,  Disc Brake System,  Draworks Parts,  Turn Back Roller Assembly

Drill Bits

Bits – Button & Tooth,   Bits – PDC ( Polycrystalline Diamond Compact ),  Bits – Coring

Drilling Chokesdrill8

Drilling Chokes – Various Styles & Types

Rig Floor Safety Mats

Rig Floor Safety Mats – Anti Skid – Custom Made

Drilling Fluids Equipmentdrill9

Drilling Fluids – Mud Lab Equipment

Drilling Fluids – Mud Testing Equipment

Drilling Spools & Accessories

Adapter Spools,  API Flanges,  Cross, Tee & Elbow,   Double Studded Adapter Flanges,  Drilling Spools,  Ring Gasketsdrill10

Spacer Spool,  Studs & Nuts

Drill String Valves

Dart Type IBOP Valve,   Kelly Valves,  Retrievable Drop-In Check Valve,  Tubing Safety Valves

Electrical Equipmentdrill11

Electrical Cable,  Electric Consumables,  Electric Motors,  Metering & Testing Equipment,  Plugs &  Receptacles

Rig Electronics,  Rig Lighting,  SCR Parts & Components,  Traction Motors

Engines & Transmissions

Diesel Engines,  Generators,  Transmissions,  Unitized Engine – Transmission Packagesdrill12


Pipe Racks,   Pipe Tubs,   Tanks

Floor Winchesdrill13

Air Winch,    Hydraulic Winch

Flow Control Equipment

Cement & Circulating Hoses ( Hose Loops ),   Check Valve,  Flow Control Manifold,  Flow Line Safety Clamp

Hammer Unions,  Mud Mixing Guns, Plug Valve, Pressure Relief Valve,  Pup Joints & Integral Fittingsdrill14

Swing Joints ( Elbows ),   Swivel Joints

Handling Tools

Air Slips,   Casing Bushings,  Casing Elevators & Spiders,  Depthometer,  Break Out Machine,  Elevator Links

Elevators – Casing, Tubing, Drill Pipe, Slip Type,  Hydraulic Power Slips,  Hydraulic Power Tongs – Drill Pipe & Casingdrill15

Hydraulic Power Units – Diesel & Electric,  Hydraulic Sucker Rod Tong,  Hydraulic Torque Wrench

Hydraulic Tubing Tong,  Kelly Spinner,  Kelly Roller Bushings,  Manual Tongs,  Master Bushings,  Pipe Spinner

Rod Hook Clevis,  Safety Clamps,  Slips – Rotary, Casing, Drill Collar,  Slip Inserts & Tong Dies, Sucker Rod Hook

Sucker Rod Wrench,  Sucker Rod Elevator,  Sucker Rod Swivel,  Sucker Rod Transfer Elevator,  Top Drivesdrill16

Traveling Blocks & Hook Assemblies, Tubing Blocks,    Tubing Drifts


Steam & Electric Heatersdrill18

Heat Exchanger

Heat Exchanger

Hoses & Fittingsdrill19

BOP Hose,  Choke & Kill Hoses,  Rotary Hose – Kelly Hose,  Mud Pump Hose

Hydraulic Pumps & Equipment

Hydraulic Pumps, Controls, Etc.


Chart Recorder,  Deadline Anchors,  Drift Indication Systems, Survey Clocks Etc.drill20

Drilling Instrumentation,  Drilling Recorders,  Mud Tank Fluid Level Systems,  Pump Pressure Gauges

Pump Stroke Counter Assembly, Rotary Torque System,  RPM – SPM Systems,  Stand Pipe Pressure Sensor Assembly

Tong Torque System,  Weight Indicators

Lifting & Handling Equipmentdrill21

Chain & Accessories,  Drilling Line, Wire Rope, Sand Line,    Sheaves – Crown. Block, Etc.

Slings ( Wire Rope, Nylon, Chain, Etc. ) ,  Snatch Blocks, Hooks, & Swivels

Lubricants Etc.

Industrial Grade Grease,  Rig Wash & Industrial Cleaner,   Thread Compound ( Drill Pipe, Drill Collars, Casing, Tubing )drill22

Thread Lock,  Valve Lubricants ( Sealants, Packing, HP Grease Guns & Fittings, Anti Seize )

Miscellaneous Equipment

Bit Breakers – Various Sizes,   Bucking Unit,  Bug Blowers,    Mud Cans ( Guards ) & Accessories

Mud Pump Fluid End Spares & Components

Cross Heads & Parts ,   Discharge Strainers,  Fluid End Modules,  Fluid End Gaskets & Seals,  Linersdrill23

Liner Wear Plates,  Pistons & Rubbers,  Pulsation Dampeners,  Relief Valves,  Rods & Piston & Cross Head

Rod Clamps,  Suction Line Dampeners,  Valves, Seats & Springs

Oil Filtration System

Oil Filtration Systemdrill24

Power Swivels

Power Swivels – Various Sizes & Capacities


Air Operated Pumps,   Cellar Pumps,  Cementing Pumping Units,  Centrifugal Pumps,  Chemical Injection Pumpsdrill25

Drilling Pumps ,  Hydraulic Pumps & Controls,  Pressure Testing Pumps,  Pressure Washer Pumps

Rotary Gear Pumps,  Water Transfer Pumps,  Workover, Well Service, Cement & Frac Pumps & Pumping Units

Rig Matting

Rig Matting – Various Sizesdrill27

Ring Gaskets

Ring Gaskets – All Standard API Sizes

Roller Chain

Roller Chain – Various Sizesdrill28

Rotary Tables

Rotary Tables & Parts – Various Sizes & Models

Rubber Products

Balancing Straps & Clamps,   BOP Parts,  Control Line Protectors,  Drill Pipe Protectors,  Drill Pipe Wipersdrill29

Kelly Wipers,  Packer Elements, Seals, Cups,  Spiral Line Wipers,  Swab Cups,  Tong Pull Back Straps

Tubing Stripper Rubbers

Safety Equipment

Derrick & Safety Belts & Accessories,   Fall Arrestors & Life Line Assemblies,  Gas Detection Equipmentdrill31

PPE ( Personal Protection Equipment ) Clothing & Equipment,   Safety Boots

Solids Control Equipment

Centrifugal Pumps,   Centrifuges,   Degassers – Vacuum & Poor Boy,   Desanders,  Desilters,     Mud Agitator

Mud Cleaner,   Mud Hopper,   Shaker Screens,  Shale Shakersdrill32

Stand Pipe & Manifold Fittings

Mud Line Valves,   Stand Pipe Manifold Pipe & Fittings

Swabbing Equipment

Hand Pumps – Oil Saver & Pack-Off,   Oil Saver Rubbers,  Oil Savers,  Rod Jars,  Rope Sockets & Swivel Assembliesdrill33

Sinker Bars,  Swab Cups,  Swab Mandrels,  Tubing Stripper Head,  Tubing Stripper Rubbers

Swivels – Rotary

Rotary Swivel – Various Capacities & Models,    Rotary Swivel Parts – Washpipe, Packing, Etc.


Air Tools,   Chain Connectors,   Derrick & Tank Tapes,  Electric Tools,  Hammer Wrenches,   Hand Toolsdrill34

Hydraulic Tools,   Snake Skins

Torque Converters

Torque Converter – Various Models

Tubing Perforator

Mechanical Cam Type Perforatordrill35


Butterfly Valve,   Flanged Check Valve,  Flanged Gate Valve,  Flanged HCR Valve,  Mud Line Valve

Wash Down System

Rig Wash Down Systemdrill36

Water Pressure System

Water Pressure System

Welding Equipment

Cutting Tools & Accessories,   Hard Facing Supplies,   Welding Tools & Accessoriesdrill39

Wire Line Units

Floor Mounted,    Skid Mounted