API Benonite 134

Viscosifier and Fluid Loss Control Agetn for Water Based Drilling Fluids

Our Benonite 134 is high purity high yielding sodium bentonite for drilling applications.  Our Benonite 134 exceeds API 13A Section 4 specifications.

ben 134


Our Benonite 134 has the following benefits:

  •  Is is pure product with no chemical additives and is non-peptized. This allows product to remain stable in elevated bottom-hole temperature(BHT).
  • Has high purity and very low iron oxide, and is ideal where high iron oxide may cause a problem with corrosion and contamination to the well.
  • Cost effective means of building mud properties and adding viscosity for suspending drilled solids.


Packaged in 25 and 50 kg multiwall paper sacks and in 1000 kg HDPE big bags.

Legislation and Handling Recommendations:

No Restricted by any regulatory agency.  Refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for the product prior to use.