Products used to control the degree of acidity or alkalinity of a fluid include lime, caustic soda, soda ash and bicarbonate of soda, as well as other common acids and bases.

Salts are used to make mud system with properties as required.

Product Descriptions:

  • Sodium Hydroxide for PH Control. / Caustic Soda
  • PH Control / Calcium Hydroxide
  • Hardness Control / Soda Ash
  • Completion fluid,base / Calcium Chloride
  • Drilling Salt / Sodium Chloride and potassiun Chloride, all grades.
  • Completion fluid,base / Calcium Bromide
  • Glycol / MEG, TEG,Poly Glycols

Products presented are for information purposes only and are not comprehensive. Please contact EBIC for more information on complete and current drilling fluids products.