High temperature Fluid Loss Additive and Rheology Modifier Aid for Water Based Drilling Fluids

Partially Hydrolyzed Polyacrylamideis powdered acrylic co-polymers designed to improve performance of all types water based mud systems (WBM).  which imparts shale and bore-hole stability, viscosity modification, lubricity, selective flocculation and assists with fluid loss control.

Partially Hydrolyzed Polyacrylamide provides a cost effective means of controlling drilling fluid characteristics and improving performance in a wide variety of fluid environments.

phpa spec

Applicable Fluid Types:

  • Freshwater mud
  • Seawater and saltwater mud ( up to and including saturation)
  • KCL and Muds with divalent ions
  • Solids free brine (NaCL, KCL and CaCL2)


  • Provides effeceive control and modification of important drilling fluid properties with immediate effect and with low toxicity.
  • Enhances the removalp of drilled solids and improves penetration rates by reducing friction characteristics of the treated drilling fluid.
  • Excellent foam stabilizers for air drilling, while improving carrying capacity.
  • Improve the character and consistency of wall cake, thereby reducing the potential for stuck pipe.
  • Maintains performance at down-hole temperatures in access of 200 degree.

Recommended Treatment:

Concentration in the range of 0.5 – 4.0 lb/bbl are recommended. The quantity used would be dependent on the drilling fluid system, drilling depth and equipment.

It is recommended to be added directly via centrifugal mixers or pre-mixed. Bentonite should be added to system prior to adding Hydrolyzed Polyacrylamide.  Keep mud density below PH 11.


Packaged in 25 kg multiwall paper sacks and HDPE pails.

Legislation and Handling Recommendations:

No Restricted by any regulatory agency.  Refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for the product prior to use.