With an extensive range of reliable products supported by experts in the field, on-site training and significant investment in R&D, we work with customers to meet their needs. EBIC provides site specific products as well as innovative, environmentally-friendly alternatives. Satellite distribution centres are strategically located around the world to ensure operations are not compromised by inventory shortages.

Research & development

EBIC continually invests in R&D to provide environmentally-friendly solutions and effective drilling products. This includes a fully serviced laboratory with inhouse chemists who develop our quality products and chemicals.

Quality products & chemicals

An extensive range of quality fluids and chemicals in response to our customers growing needs. EBIC provides quality drilling fluids, products and onsite support for the following applications:

On-site technical support

Providing the very best technical advice and support to our customers in the following ways:

  • Drilling fluid programs
  • Engineering services
  • Analytical services with fully-equipped laboratory