Drilling Fluid Manifold
  ZJGH100/35 drilling fluid manifold:
ZJGH100/35 drilling fluid manifold consists ofZ23Y100-5000PSI & Z23Y50-5000PSImud valve, high-pressure spherical union, high-pressure core union, tee,high-pressure hose, elbow, pressure gauge, and pupjoint etc。
Ground valve-group adopts goose type tee withcompact structure, little fluid resistance and large powereffectuality.
Adaptor spool adopted on rigid valve-group can bedirectly used as single pipe on site.
High-pressure union, made of high-strength alloysteel and heat-treated, can create quick strip. As forbeing manufactured with special machining tool, it cancreate seal under fine sphere and core matched withsealing ring.
The gate and valve seat of Z23Y-5000psi mud valveare welded with carbide against erosion and corrosion,so that it can enlarge the working life, and reduce oper-ating torque.
Elbow, adaptor, tee and cross are made of high-strength alloy steel, with suited wall thick and fine heat treatment, so it can meet the requirement on strengthand corrosion.
The part required at high precision, should be ma-chined with special technique to ensure the manufac-ture quality, and the pressed part should be hydrostatictested on strength and sealing property to ensure theex-plant quality.
Usage gist & maintenance:
1. Regularly inject mud gate valve with grease tomaintain the gate valve;
2. Regularly check whether all connecting positionand fixing bolts are loose;
3. If leak around sealing position, the seal shouldbe replaced immediately;
4. Keep the outer surface of the manifold clean andpaint it against rust regularly.
Z23Y-5000PSI hard sealing mud gate valve is onlyused for pipeline opening/closing but for choke valveso as to avoid damage against sealing face.