Inside Bop
The Inside Bop is a heavy duty drop check valve with a conical plug to reduce the cuttingaction of the mud on the valve seat.ensuring positive closure whenever required. Installed in the drill string it protects the rotary swivel rotary hose stand pipe and mud pumps from driII pipekicks, It may be used along with high-pressure pumps to maintain well control by preventing high-pressure backflow.
A special release tool allows the valve to be held open to pemit sebbing into position against a backflow of fluid. This optional release tool can be installed on the float valve and the entire assembly kept ready on the rig floor for quick installation at the first signs of serious backflow when drill pipe is pulled from the well
Standard inside BOP units are designed for service pressures up to 10.000 psi but alI sizes may be supplied on special order for higher service Pressures.