Incremental Circulating Joint

The incremental circulating joint(be also called by-pass valve is one of the common frilling column accessories in oilfield well-drilling tools Main use and construction are as followsUseWhen overflow occurs nd water hole of drilling bit is blocked SO that weIl can be pressed in the process of welI drilling ,you may open the incremental circulating ioint to circulate or press well.You must connected it on drilling bit or nearby drilling bit before drilling out oil gas layer
Con struction the incremental circulating joint is consists of joint body valve body O-shapa seal ring pin ejecting screw and ball etc,ts main vonstruction is as lower drawing Using methods When the incremental circulating joint is connected on the drilling column the balI can àt be thrown into it first When overflow occurs and starting pressure of pump is too high or can àt pass you may open the circulating mouth of the incremental circulating joint as follows
1 Dismount the square driIling rod and throw it into the ball attached by products
2 Joint the aquare drilling rod
3 Send the ball to the mouth of the valve body circularly
4 Improve the pump pressure to be more then specified sheering pressure of 35KN for pin and shear it when water hole iS sealed
5 After the pin is sheared the valve body moves downwards the circulate hole on the joint body is opened and the pump pressure drops down, you circulate normally or press well
Technical Specification