Casing Scraper
The Casing Scraper is used to clean cement mud embeded bulletsrust mill scale paraffin perforation burrs and other substances from the inside walls of casing.Maintaining a clean casing I.D. is important to the operation of all tools used in drilling the well. Likewise packers and similar tools must have a clean surface to grip.Foreign materials on casing walls will frequently cause these tools to become difficult to operation.
The Casing Scraper is manufactured, from a solid piece of heat treated steel.The scraper blades fit into machined recesses and are securely held by a dovetail keeper and spacer.The scraper blades feature left hand helical grooves and are hardfaced for maximum service.There are sufficient blades in the body to completely scrape the casing surface without rotating the tool.
Standard connections on the Casing Scraper are API Reg. box and pin. This allows the scraper to be installed in the drilling string between the bit and the bit sub.The bit is run below the scraper to serve as a guide and prevent plugging the circulation hole through the scraper.